St John’s 5 Things To Know- About St John!!!

By St. John on March 5, 2019

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It’s time that St John answered some listener questions and tell us….5 Things We Should Know about Him! You guys asked and here are your answers!!


1. How Tall Are You?

“6”0 on a good hair day!”

2.What’s Your Favorite Disney ride?

” Believe it or not…It’s A Small World. Gives me an excuse to stand up and sing along..Also the reason why I know Disney has a built in Jail”

3. How many Sneakers do you own?

“Not as many as Kaepernick..but I’m working on it!”

4. Best and Worst Interview?

Miley Cyrus was amazing, she came in here with the MTV filming crew around the time of Wrecking Ball…..Worst Interview…(Should of been listening)!”

5. How did you get into radio!

“Started doing college radio in high school. First full time job right out of college…and they haven’t been able to shut me up ever since!!!”


And there you have it….Just a little bit of info on the Fiercest Guy On Radio!!

Stay Fierce !

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