St John’s 5 Things You Need To Know To NOT Get Your Bae on V-Day!

By St. John on February 12, 2019
BAGHDAD, IRAQ – FEUBRUARY 14: Iraqis shop at a Valentine’s Day gift shop on February 14, 2008 in Baghdad, Iraq. Today, February 14, St Valentine’s day, marks the traditional day of love, mainly in North America and Europe, this custom is being adopted by people worlwide. (Photo by Wathiq Khuzaie/Getty Images)

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With Valentine’s Day only a few days away here is 5 things to” Not” get your significant other as a gift!

  1. Home Appliances – A big NO NO! It’s nice for the house but not on a day where the gift should be romantic and thoughtful. Think Self Care not Home Care!
  2. Lingerie – Come on! Who is that really for?
  3. Gym Membership- Not really the time to gift this even if your Bae has brought up wanting it.
  4. Gift Card – Sooooo Where’s the personal touch?
  5. Nothing- Even though you agree to not get anything for each other that day. Let’s be honest we secretly expect something…at least a card!

If you’ve already got one of the items listed above then at least you have enough time to fix it, unless you wouldn’t mind a nice little “Thank u Next” text.

Have a Fierce and Fabulous Valentine’s Day!

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