St John’s Fierce Five – Things To Put Inside A Piñata!

By St. John on May 2, 2019

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Cinco De Mayo is this Sunday!!

To those who don’t know what Cinco De Mayo actually is, on this date we celebrate the Mexican Army’s Victory over the Battle Of Puebla . Through out the years different traditions and symbols have emerged from the celebrations that partake on Cinco De Mayo. What’s one of the most popular ones? The Piñata of course!!! You cant go out for Cinco De Mayo without seeing one as decoration or having one to break with friends and/or family!

Yeah candy is always fun and safe to have in your Piñata but you know that St John had to mix it up and give you……. St John’s Fierce Five Things To Put Inside a Piñata!!!!!

Here goes….


Let’s start with the obvious first. Here’s the good part though,  get all your candy from the clearance aisle from Easter and possibly even left over Halloween Candy from your top cabinet. They DO say certain candy can last up to a year!


Get some $1 scratchers and just let everyone know if they WIN you get 50%!


Because you just never know when you will need Tabasco Sauce or any other small plastic bottle that would fit in a pinata. *Wink* *Wink*


For those around you who may need some gum asap!


Money is always nice! Now switch it up and add some play money and watch your friends scramble trying to catch the real ones!! 


There you have it! Just a few ideas on how to mix it up and have fun with your Pinatas!!

What would YOUR ideal pinata be filled with? Let us know by using the hashtag #StJohnsFierceFivePinata !

Stay Fierce!


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