St. John’s Thing To Know: Don’t Panic Just Be Prepared During The Coronavirus Outbreak

By St. John on March 4, 2020

Since the discovery of the corona virus the outbreak has been real and as numbers grow and it gets closer and closer to home… there are certain things we need to start doing to prepare.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so having a special emergency kit in the event of you and your family being quarantined is something you need to start looking Into now if you haven’t already. 

First and foremost ,DO NOT PANIC! There has been numerous videos going viral of shoppers going crazy trying to buy supplies during the outbreak. Think Black Friday and you get the visuals. But that’s not the way. Strategize and be smart. No need to hurt yourself or others. 

St. John’s One Thing to know: What to have In your emergency kit during the corona virus outbreak.

Now for what to have ready in the event of your household being under voluntary or involuntary quarantine. Skip the face masks and focus on food, water and your first aid  kit :

  • Emergency Aid kit should have the basics to treat cuts, burns,swelling and so on (Red Cross Has Kits Ready available to buy as well).
  • The basics of an emergency kit like tools, batteries, flashlights, a radio and candles.
  • Stock up on hygienic items such as soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, feminine products. If you have kids then don’t forget baby wipes and diapers. 
  • Get a few weeks worth of your prescription medicine and stock up on some over the counter medicine as well. At least 30 days. Think pain killers, allergy medicine ,cough/cold medicine and contacts/ contact solution. Fluids that contain electrolytes are always a good idea as well. 
  • Have 14 days worth of food for you and everyone in you’re household . Think dry  and canned goods like beans, rice and canned goods that have juice in them like tomatoes or corn because you can use the juice to cook the dry foods if needed. Don’t forget at least two weeks worth of food for your pets. 
  • Have at least one gallon of water a day for every person including your pet. 
  • The Department of homeland security recommends getting copies of all your medical records. Many providers offer this information on line so look into getting an electronic copy for your records. 
  • Lastly, have games, books, a radio and activities available that you enjoy. Don’t forget your mental health! Throw some chocolate or some of your favorite snacks in your kit if it will help your mental! 

These are just some of the basics in the event of a quarantine, but outbreak or no outbreak it’s a good idea to always have some of these items already prepared in your kit as it can be essential for any emergency. Don’t wait until it is an epidemic and there is a shortage of supplies. Always stay fierce, fabulous and prepared!