This Non Profit “Helping Hands” Could Be The Hand You Need! – St. John

By St. John on May 13, 2020
(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

ST. JOHN’S THING TO KNOW: This Non Profit Organization “Helping Hands” Could Be The Hand You need!

It has been a very trying time for many during the Covid-19 Pandemic. A lot of things have had to change drastically these last few months and for some it has been a bit more difficult to adapt. There is  a handful of vulnerable individuals that can’t do their shopping or needs outside their homes due to being at higher risk.

This non profit organization “Helping Hands” has stepped in to help by teaming  you up with volunteers that can help you do things you might not be able to at the moment. It can range from grocery delivery to picking up your medication or walking your dog!

Go to HELPINGHANDS.COMMUNITY where you can either request assistance for your self, a loved one or sign up to volunteer!

Today we spoke with one of the team members from “Helping Hands” Rachel! She gave us a bit of a background on how “Helping Hands” was founded and what it can do for you!



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