Ways To Say Thank You To Your Delivery Drivers – St. John

By St. John on April 8, 2020
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

St. John’s Thing To Know: Ways To Say Thank You To Your Delivery Drivers

First, let’s start with a big THANK YOU to all delivery drivers for what you are contributing as we face this pandemic. They are outdoors delivering items to our homes and putting themselves at a higher risk  so we don’t have to go out.

You are truly appreciated!!!!

Now, Ways to show a little gratitude and kindness from home……….

  • If it is a third party food delivery service the easiest way to bring a smile is to tip them! They don’t make that much doing deliveries so receiving a tip during this time makes a big difference.


  • For your Mailman, Amazon, UPS, Fedex, Grocery delivery drivers you can leave a nice basket with snacks and some refreshments! Having more routes added and the limited eating options a snack and drink comes in hand.


  • If you have any spare essential items, leaving some at the door for delivery drivers can really help. They are out all day it so it leaves little time to go purchase toilet paper, hand sanitizer, masks ect.


  • How about kids puzzles and coloring books! Most delivery drivers  have kids who are learning from a distance after schools closed down so a nice activity for them to enjoy can brighten up their day.

Just remember to sanitize the items you leave out and if you are the one receiving that you disinfect them as well.

We are all in this together and a little kindness goes a long way <3