BART Released their 15 Step Plan To Welcome Back Riders

By Ellen Perez on May 27, 2020
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

As things in the Bay Area begin to slowly get back to the new “normal”, BART has released a 15 step plan to ensure all riders and employees stay safe.

Step 1 – Cleaning

BART is using hospital grade disinfectant and electrostatic foggers constantly.

Step 2 – Run Long Trains

They will continue to use long trains to allow riders to socially distance.

Step 3- Increase Train Frequency

Bart is running every 30 min for now, once rider numbers go up they will run every 15 min.

Step 4- Pilot New Seat Configuration

BART will pilot a new configuration of seats that could potentially help create space between riders

Step 5- Require Face Coverings

It will still be a requirement to wear a mask when riding for adults and children over the age of 13. Under 2 years of age shouldn’t wear masks.

Step 6- Police Enforcement

Police personnel will conduct more frequent fare checks to increase staff presence on-board trains and inside stations.

Step 7- Visual Indicators

Large Posters and Banners will be posted through out the station sand trains reminding everyone of social distance guidelines.

Step 8- Hand Sanitizer

BART will continue to offer hand sanitizer at every station.

Step 9- Contactless Payment

Riders are encouraged to use a clipper card and load funds into it ahead of time to reduce the use of ticket vending machines.

Step 10- Personal Hand Straps

BART will offer a limited supply of  personal hand straps for riders to use and take home for cleaning after each trip. After they will be available for purchase. ($5)

Step 11- Data Transparency

BART will continue to post daily ridership numbers at showing what percentage ridership is at compared to Pre-COVID-19 ridership.

Step 12- New Technologies and Industry Best Practices

BART will continue to explore new technologies used by transit systems across the world in response to COVID-19.

Step 13- Business Community Outreach

BART will encourage employers to allow for staggered shifts to help spread out the commute and avoid crowding during peak travel times

Step 14- Healthy Workforce

BART is supplying workers with PPE and supplies and offering COVID-19 testing to employees.

Step 15- Rebuild Infrastructure

BART is using this time of record low ridership to accelerate infrastructure rebuilding projects facilitated by the extra work hours made available due to an earlier closing time.

Click <HERE> to see BART’S full announcement.

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