Halsey Served Us With New Cover Art And Scavenger Hunt!

By St. John on May 13, 2019

Halsey has been dropping hints at some of her shows about an upcoming single….and it is finally here!!!

Check out her announcement video with a dramatic curtain drop at New York City’s Webster Hall this past Thursday….

Then, Today she got on IG and gave us more reason to Stan with her new cover art!!!

“Nightmare” will be here this Friday May 17th.

As if that wasn’t enough to get us pumped up and excited, Halsey had to make things a little different and add a scavenger hunt to find all her lyrics!!! She told fans on Twitter she hid lyrics around Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Bay Area and New York City. So far New York has been on a roll but for areas like the Bay Area you better get started ASAP because we have alot of cities to go through if we want to find any lyrics!

Some Fans HAVE actually succeeded in SF….check out some of the findings below!!!


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