Let’s ChALK About This Must See Side Walk Chalk Masterpieces!

By Ellen Perez on May 11, 2020

Shelter In Place during the Covid-19 outbreak has brought to light many talented individuals that have helped us cope with what we are facing today. People like Casey on Instagram! (@caseydrakemakes)

I think we can all relate to her Bio description alone “… Just trying to stay sane by making stuff”.

This self taught artist and mom found a way to bring sidewalk chalk art to life by drawing some of our favorite characters and putting a little Coronavirus Pandemic spin to it.

Check out some of her Chalk Work!

“Sounds About Right. Stay Safe Out There People!

“If I Could Wear A Spacesuit To The Grocery Store I Definitely Would”

“I Think We’re All Feeling “Un Poco Loco” These Days”


“Anyone else Missing Their Hair Stylist Or Just Me? I’m Definitely feeling like the “after” picture right now”

“Every road Leads Back To The Place I Know Where I Cannot Go. Where I Long To Be.. All I want Is To Go To The Movies. And A Restaurant. And Disney. Maybe On A Vacation…”


  1. Fear

2. Sadness

3. Disgust


5. Joy!

“No Pants? No Problem! The Perks Of Working From Home”

“Quarantine Without Kids”

“Quarantine With Kids”

“Kuzco Here To Remind You To Keep Social Distancing”

“Can Droits Get Coronavirus”

“The Queen Of Social Distancing”

“Hank Is Here To Remind You To Wash Your Hands (Or Arms?) For Atlas 20 seconds Frequently Throughout The Day”

“There’s No Place Like Home, There’s No Place Like Home. But Seriously People, Stay Home…”

“Wouldn’t You Think My Collection’s Complete….Also, Ariel is Everyone Missing A Hair Appointment Right Now. Roots For Days”

“Keep Up The Social Distancing!”

“Always A Great Motto, But Especially Now! Just Make Sure You’re Swimming At Least 6 Feet Away From Others.

” Hey All You Cool Cats And Kittens Out There”

(997 NOW does not own the rights to any of the characters shown)



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