Little Monsters Launch Spoof Starbucks Campaign To Boost “Shallow”- Did It Work?

By St. John on March 4, 2019

Who doesn’t love Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow”!

Especially after that heartwarming Oscars Performance last month….we all literally melted in our seats from their chemistry and even questioned a Bad Romance between the two. (ha.get it)

Lets hold our hearts and relive it for a second.

So beautiful right! Well Lady Gaga fans everywhere agreed that “Shallow” was deserving of the No.1 Billboard spot, so…… Shallowbucks was born.

It was completely a hoax and Starbucks cleared the air for people wondering where their voucher was?

But it could of been the most genius thing to happen to Lady Gaga because…..It might of actually worked?????

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were at No.21 when this all started and are NOW… No.1 on the Billboards! It is Lady Gaga’s first No.1 in 8 years and we are here for it!! Congratulations to two well deserved artists!

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