Meet Some Of Our Bay Area Heros ! #NationalSuperHeroDay

By Ellen Perez on April 28, 2020

Thank you to all essential workers and everyone who has made an impact in someones life. We are proud to call you a Hero!

Today we had a chance to talk to people from all over the Bay and Highlight The Hero’s in their lives! Wether they have stuck by their side through hard times or been at the front lines keeping our communities going and safe……Here are some of their stories:


“Hi there! For superhero day i would like to nominate my husband Neil I’m a nurse so understand how hard he working in a busy county ER. Helping w the Covid crisis. My daughters and I appreciate and love him so much!” – Leah


“I’d like to nominate my husband Rafael. he’s been working as a butcher at Nob Hill and since all of this started he’s been working overtime, working six days and he even goes out of his way to buy toilet paper, so when the senior citizens are looking for it and they’re out he gives them a pkg.”- Katie


“My hero is my girlfriend Anasheh. I’ve dealt with quite a few things in my life. Most notably alcoholism. It was responsible for quite the downfall. She never gave up on me she stayed by my side and supported me as best she could.”


“St John is a SUPER HERO!!!! He brightens the Bay’s Day each and every day!!! Thank you Paul for all you do!”


“My doctor + my son’s pediatrician have always been our superheros since we have known them! Even more so now, we have so many superhero now from healthcare workers to everyone at the grocery store. We love you! And….all of you @997Now, you’re our superheroes too for keeping the airwaves for us! Thank You from the bottom of our hearts” – Ayesha


” Sherry Liou has been seeing COVID Patients at SF General. Thank You Sherry””


” Thank You @stjohnsofierce for providing the gift of entertainment with your live sets on Insta and Twitch!”


“I would like to shout out my employees at AutoZone for being on the front lines and taking care of our community in this time of need. Your district manager Desiree Appreciate each one of you! ”


“My husband Tom is my super hero. He drove my mom and I to th ER last week. She was bitten by her fog. The ER would not let me in with her due to covid. If I had driven without him. I would have sat alone in the car waiting for her for 3 hours late at night. Happy early 27th anniversary to us.” – Laura


” I wanted to give a shout out to my coworkers, teachers, at Griffin Technology Academy here in Vallejo. they’re continued hard work and dedication to the students while we are doing distance learning and always making sure to reach out to the students to make sure that they’re doing okay when we haven’t heard from them. It’s really stressful being a teacher in this time.” – Amanda G.


“Can I send a shout out to my nephews Jose and Chris they both are EMT and they both are at the testing site in Fremont have been working for 26 days straight to help the community they’re awesome 👏🏼”




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