U.S. Prepares To Set Clocks Back As Daylights Saving Time Ends
PLANTATION, FL- NOVEMBER 02: Howie Brown adjusts the time on a clock back one hour for the end of day light savings time at Brown's Old Time Clock Shop November 2, 2007 in Plantation, Florida. The end of daylight-saving time goes into effect this weekend and everyone is reminded to set their clock back one hour beginning at 2 am Sunday. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

St John’s Fierce 5- Tips To Survive Daylight Savings

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Daylight savings was this past Sunday and it has been a STRUGGLE to try and adjust to loosing an hour of sleep. So St John has 5 tips to help you survive the new time change and get your day going right!

1. Stick To Your Schedule

Don’t change your schedule. As much as you want to sleep in or go to sleep earlier stick to your routine amount of time you usually sleep.

2. Get Sun First Thing In The Morning

When you first wake up throw those blinds and curtains open. Soak up the sun and that will help re-energize you and adjust your sleeping clock.

3. Exercise

Exercise is always a great way to start your day and get your energy flowing. If not already. find a work out routine that works for you in the morning and stick to it. It can range from a full blown work out to going for a walk or doing yoga!

4. Shower And Tunes

Take a nice cold shower and if you have a waterproof speaker this is a great time to listen to your favorite music to kick start your day!

5. Coffee!

How could we leave out caffeine! Go get your favorite coffee or make some at home and have a Fierce and Fabulous day!!


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