Lizzo Appreciation Post

By Deyanira on April 23, 2020

Right around this time last year Lizzo’s single “Truth Hurts” become one of the most popular songs. So popular, I used it as a quote for my graduation cap because we gotta let them KNOW! 

Today is just another day to spread love and show appreciation towards her music and her character!

I must say, one of my favorite Lizzo moments was at Poptopia 2019 when the kids from Ms. Mallari’s 2nd grade class sang their version of “Truth Hurts” to her. Seriously SO cute!!!

Let’s relive that moment, shall we? Watch it here!

We absolutely love how real Lizzo is, she’s about her bag and she’s letting you know! Check out this clip from her interview with Big Bay Mornings here!

Lastly, let’s talk about how she KILLED her set that night! What an amazing performer, like honestly, she’s got vocals, moves, AND can play the flute. In case you missed it, here’s a clip!

Thank you Lizzo, for being you and for bringing the BANGERS!!