Rosa Gets Her Makeup done by James Charles

By on March 25, 2020

By now, most of you have heard of ‘Rosa’ AKA Adam, who became Tik-Tok famous from one day to another. If you still don’t know who this iconic queen is, you can find her on all socials as @adamrayokay.

Rosa has become a very popular character in these last three months. Not too long ago, she got invited to the Fenty Beauty House for hilarious content creation, and most recently she starred in one of James Charles’ Youtube videos!

We love this for Rosa! In the video she talks about how she had never been out of Texas prior to her new Tik-Tok career and touches on what her plans are. You can watch the full video here!

TBH, I’m hoping for Rosa to collab with Louis Castro, maybe after quarantine?

For now, Rosa has inspired me to walk around the house lookin like dis!!





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