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Since their formation in 2016, Why Don’t We haven’t stopped…Instead, these five young men—Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, and Zach Herron—have forged ahead at warp speed. In under two years, they innovatively amassed a diehard fan base through grassroots engagement in the digital arena fueled by a prolific outpouring of new music, constant social media engagement, and sold-out cross country tours where online “likes” materialized I.R.L. into millions of screaming fans worldwide.

Prior to coming together, each member stood out as a performer in his own right. Jonah andCorbyn often livestreamed in-home performances to massive audience as Zach served up viral covers that generated tens of millions of views. Jack built a growing a subscriber base on YouTube, and Daniel etched a space in the hearts of viewers everywhere on American Idol.
They crossed paths during tours and fan engagements in the midst of these burgeoning solo careers.
Soon, they found themselves on a group text where the idea of joining forces came up. Their collective response: “Why don’t we?”
Drawing on their respective talents and formidable followings, the group emerged as a phenomenon. Beyond generating over 300 million YouTube views and 200 million Spotify streams during that period, the quintet released five EPs—Only The Beginning, Something
Different, Why Don’t We Just, Invitation, and A Why Don’t We Christmas. Along with singles such as the 2018 Ed Sheeran-penned single “Trust Fund Baby,” this avalanche of music represented an unconventional approach as their audience constantly received new music at a record pace.

They sold out their first-ever headline tour throughout North America and followed that up by selling out an even bigger headliner in 2018, including multiple nights in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Toronto. A tastemaker favorite, they lit up national television shows like Good Morning America and Live With Kelly and Ryan, among others. Rolling Stone dubbed them “An Artist To Watch,” and The Today Show described their meteoric rise as “one of pop music’s biggest breakout stories.” This transformation into international renown resulted from a quiet grind as they angled toward superstardom the old-fashioned way—one performance at a time—whether online or on stage.

“When you see the numbers go up on social media, it’s great, but it’s just some pixels on your screen,” says Corbyn. “When you go on tour, you realize these are real people. We get to put a face, a voice, and a name to each fan. It’s so cool to experience that energy. We just want to have a great time with everybody.” The group’s full-length debut for Atlantic Records, 8 Letters, provides the soundtrack to that
“great time.” Merging pop, R&B, hip-hop, and even Latin vibes, it reflects their ambition to as
Zach puts it, “do something original and different and bridge gaps.