DJ J.Espinosa

Red Bull 3Style World Champion 2019
Red Bull 3Style USA Champion 2015
Oakland Raiders Official In Game DJ
Friday nights @ 10pm (PST) on 99.7 NOW!

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, J. Espinosa began perfecting his craft at the early age of fourteen. Within a few years time, he became the youngest DJ to hold down two prime time radio mix shows making him a household name and has gained both national and worldwide recognition for his skills in the art of DJing.

J. Espinosa’s party rocking style, hard work and dedication to djing earned him the title of 2019 World Champion in the Red Bull 3Style Competition and the 2015 USA Champion in the same competition. He’s performed at shows alongside celebs such as Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Rihanna, and Nelly to name a few, and is seasoned in playing for crowds from 500 – 60,000 people.

For four back to back years as the official DJ of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders, J. Espinosa puts it on for the Bay while performing at the best clubs across the country and the world including History (Manchester), Libertine (London), Gibson Club (Frankfurt), The Pearl (Berlin), Funk Combat (Madrid), and Kraftwerk Mitte (Dresden), Drais (Las Vegas), 1-Oak (Las Vegas) and Temple Nightclub (San Francisco). In 2017, J. Espinosa was invited to play an exclusive Boiler Room honoring music history and culture. During his set, J stole the show by displaying his deep knowledge of hip-hop history, technical skill and love for the place he grew up.

With J. Espinosa in control, whether it’s the best of Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance Music, or any genre, J represents musical diversity, precision, a champion sound, and leaving no dance floor un shook!