SECRET SOUND #1 >> Sliding a pen on the metal binding/Spiral binding/Spine of a notebook


  1. Our first clue sends you back in time, 17 years (the Notebook came out in 2004)
  2. This is not a direction kind of clue (write vs right)
  3. This will not endear you to the person at the nest desk
  4. Tats are one fashion accessory (ink)
  5. You can get me at a hotel (free pens)(this should screw them up)
  6. Cool kids have one (a slide)
  7. It’s something that people do with plates (slide into them)
  8. Sometime you return to where you started (back and forth)
  9. When something gets out of control (it spirals)
  10. Have a ball with this clue (ballpoint pen)
  11. In case of an earthquake, take the stairs (spiral stairs)
  12. A contractual agreement (is binding)
  13. A magnet might be drawn to this clue (metal)
  14. You should never carry this in your pocket (a pen)
  15. Sometimes you can find me chained up (pens on chains at banks)
  16. This allegedly will save you tons of money on medical bills (Apples. Apple notebooks)
  17. I’m a noun and a verb (coil)
  18. B.O.B. should get more credit (Back and Forth)
  19. Swim meets start with a horn (swim meets go back and forth
  20. You never want your skis to fall off at Lake Tahoe (bindings)
  21. How long has it been since you’ve been blue (blue bins, recyclable)
  22. Foods that you should have in your kitchen (staples. You can get notebooks and pens at Staples.
  23. You can find me in a bank (pens)
  24. There are all kind of fields in all directions (westfield center has a spiral escalator)